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Russell Hobbs

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Hobbs 23590-56 Supreme Steam Light Easy Iron
Supreme Steam Light & Easy Iron The Russell Hobbs Supreme Steam Light and Easy – Ma..
SGD 36.00
Russell Hobbs 19773-56 Deep Fryer Pro
Cook @ Home Deep Fryer Pro The easiest way to make appetizing food quickly is this profession..
SGD 108.00
Russell Hobbs 20412-70 Colours Plus Flame Red Kettle (1.7L)
Colours Plus Flame Red Kettle Russell Hobbs Colours Plus Kettle – it’s not just a..
SGD 78.00
Russell Hobbs 20630-56 Power Steam Ultra Iron
Power Steam Ultra Iron Powered by 3100 watts, our Power Steam Ultra iron heats up 15% faster*..
SGD 98.00
Russell Hobbs 21644-56 Textures 2 Slice Grey Toaster
Grey Textured Finish 2 Slots Extra-wide slots Removable crumb tray Adjustable bro..
SGD 48.00
Russell Hobbs 23210-70 Luna Solar Red Kettle (1.7L)
Luna Solar Red Kettle Gaze in awe at the radiant and rare Solar Red Kettle that brings a uniq..
SGD 98.00
Russell Hobbs 23211-70 Luna Moonlight Grey Kettle (1.7L)
Luna Moonlight Grey Kettle Our Luna Kettle in Moonlight Grey is a truly out of this world app..
SGD 108.00
Russell Hobbs 23220-56 Luna Solar Red 2 Slice Toaster
Luna Solar Red 2 Slice Toaster   The shimmering Solar Red Luna Toaster captures an a..
SGD 98.00
Russell Hobbs 23840-70 Travel Kettle (0.85L)
  Travel Kettle Designed to be completely lightweight this travel kettle comes in a ..
SGD 35.00
Russell Hobbs 23940-70 Velocity Kettle (1.7L)
Velocity Kettle Are you looking for a kettle that saves you time boiling, so you can spend mo..
SGD 88.00
Russell Hobbs 23971-56 Supreme Steam Pro 2600W
  Supreme Steam Pro 2600W If you can’t help but find ironing a bit of a chore,..
SGD 58.00
Russell Hobbs 23972-56 Pearl Glide Rose Iron
Pearl Glide Rose Iron Are you looking for an on-trend iron that not only makes a style statem..
SGD 78.00
Russell Hobbs 23975-56 Copper Express Iron
Copper Express Iron Steamroll through your ironing pile in minimal time, with the powerful Co..
SGD 88.00
Russell Hobbs 24050-56 Velocity Coffee Maker (1.25L)
Velocity Coffee Maker Do you need a coffee to kick-start your morning but find yourself short..
SGD 88.00
Russell Hobbs 24190-70 Compact Home Brushed Steel Kettle (0.8L)
Compact Home Brushed Steel Kettle The Compact Home Brushed Kettle combines contemporary style..
SGD 78.00
Russell Hobbs 24191-70 Compact Home Glass Kettle (0.8L)
Compact Home Glass Kettle Do you dream of a kettle that gives you a powerful performance, is ..
SGD 78.00
Russell Hobbs 24280-70 Luna Copper Accents Kettle (1.7L)
Luna Copper Accents Kettle Inspired by the bewitchingly beautiful colours seen in a lunar ecl..
SGD 108.00
Russell Hobbs 24290-56 Luna Copper Accents 2 Slice Toaster
Luna Copper Accents 2 Slice Toaster Be entranced by the Luna Copper 2 Slice Toaster that perf..
SGD 108.00
Russell Hobbs 24320-56 Luna Copper Accents Coffee Maker (1.5L)
Luna Copper Accents Coffee Maker Whether it’s a strong early morning cup needed to kick..
SGD 148.00
Russell Hobbs 24360-70 Inspire White Electric Kettle (1.7L)
Inspire White Kettle   Be inspired every morning with a delicious cuppa from the Ins..
SGD 78.00
Russell Hobbs 24361-70 Inspire Black Kettle (1.7L)
  Inspire Black Kettle If you’re looking to add a touch of glamour to your kit..
SGD 78.00
Russell Hobbs 24370-56 Inspire White 2 Slice Toaster
Inspire White 2 Slice Toaster Awaken your senses and taste buds every morning at breakfast wi..
SGD 88.00
Russell Hobbs 24391-56 Inspire Black Coffee Maker (1.25L)
Inspire Black Coffee Maker Be proud to put the Black Inspire Coffee Maker on your work surfac..
SGD 108.00
Russell Hobbs 24650-56 Impact Iron 2400W
Impact Iron 2400W The Impact Iron is designed to defeat the drop! Whether you accidently knoc..
SGD 88.00
Russell Hobbs 24662-56 Matte Black Mini Chopper
Matte Black Mini Chopper The Matte Black Mini Chopper may be small in size, but it’s bi..
SGD 78.00
Russell Hobbs 24702-56 Matte Black 3-in-1 Hand Blender
Matte Black 3-in-1 Hand Blender The Matte Black 3-in-1 Hand Blender makes a stylish statement..
SGD 118.00
Russell Hobbs 24721-56 Horizon Glass Jug Blender (1.5L)
Horizon Jug Blender Are you a culinary genius looking for a quick way to blend and blitz up a..
SGD 138.00
Russell Hobbs 24722-56 Matte Black Glass Jug Blender (1.5L)
Matte Black Jug Blender From superfood smoothies to frozen daiquiris on a summer’s afte..
SGD 138.00
Russell Hobbs 24990-70 Victory Compact Kettle (1L)
Victory Compact Kettle A stylish addition to any kitchen, the Victory Compact Kettle stainles..
SGD 58.00
Russell Hobbs 24994-70 Colours Plus+ Mini Cream Kettle (1L)
Colours Plus+ Mini Cream Kettle The Colours Plus+ Mini Cream Kettle is a stylish addition to ..
SGD 68.00
Russell Hobbs 25160-56 Explore Mix and Go Cool
Explore Mix & Go Cool The Explore Mix & Go Cool is there for you through every step o..
SGD 58.00
Russell Hobbs 25240-70 Geo Steel Kettle (1.7L)
Geo Steel Kettle Make a lasting impression with the Geo Steel Kettle that has a unique, metal..
SGD 168.00
Russell Hobbs 25250-56 Geo Steel 2 Slice Bread Toaster
Geo Steel 2 Slice Toaster Make a statement in your kitchen with the Geo Steel 2 Slice Toaster..
SGD 168.00
Russell Hobbs 25580-56 My Steam Iron
My Iron The My Iron is part of the My range, boasting an array of breakfast and food prep pro..
SGD 35.00
Russell Hobbs 25710-56 Velocity Glass Jug Blender (1.5L)
Velocity Jug Blender Do you love making everything from smoothies and soups to dips and sauce..
SGD 138.00
Russell Hobbs 25860-70 K65 Anniversary Kettle (1.2L)
K65 Anniversary Kettle - Brushed Stainless Steel Bringing you a celebration of innovation, th..
SGD 158.00
Russell Hobbs 26020-56 Cordless One Temperature Iron
Cordless One Temperature Iron Ready. Set. Go cordless. It’s time to whizz through your ..
SGD 108.00
Russell Hobbs 27030-56 Medium Rice Cooker (0.8L)
Medium Rice Cooker The Medium Rice Cooker makes creating rice dishes effortless. Whether you&..
SGD 58.00
Russell Hobbs 27040-56 Large Rice Cooker (2L)
2L Serves up to 14 Servings of Cooked Rice (up to 200 grams per serving) Automatic Keep-Warm ..
SGD 68.00
Russell Hobbs 28010-56 Black Salt and Pepper Grinders
Black Salt & Pepper Grinders Combine contemporary style and convenience, with the Black S..
SGD 68.00
Russell Hobbs RHAF5COP-AP Brooklyn Digital Air Fryer (5L)
5L Brooklyn Digital Air Fryer - Black/Copper The Russell Hobbs Brooklyn Digital Air Fryer coo..
SGD 169.00

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