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Q. What should I do if I cannot find what I’m looking for?
A. In the event you are unable to find a product you are looking for, do not hesitate to drop us an email at or call 6452 1593 to enquire on the product.
Q. What happens after my purchase?
A. Upon receiving your order through our backend system, one of our Online Sales Executives will call you within 7 workings day. He/She will inform you regarding the status of your product and its delivery or self-collection schedule.
Q. What happens if the product I purchased is out of stock?
A. In the event the product you purchased is out of stock, you will be called within 7 working days to be informed. The sales executive will recommend you an alternative product, which may sometimes vary in price. If you decide not to go ahead with the alternative product, we will process your refund and your payment will be refunded to you.
Q. Are all products in store available online?
A. Our range of products online and in-store may differ slightly for some brands. While all effort has been made to keep it as similar as possible, some products only appear during special promotions or in limited quantities.
Q. How do I arrange for a delivery?
A. Once you have selected delivery at the check-out, one of our Online Sales Executives will call you to schedule a convenient timing for your delivery. During peak seasons, immediate delivery dates may sometimes not be available. If such a case occur, one of our Sales Executives will coordinate with you regarding this.
Q. I missed a time promotion. When will it be available again?
A. If you have missed a particular promotion we were having and would like to find out if it is still available, please call our online sales office at 6471 2329 or email . 
Q. I have a current TV wall mounted on the wall. Will your delivery team help us remove the old tv and hang the new tv up?
A. Our logistics team will be happy to assist in setting up a television on its table stand. They are however not trained in wall mounting of televisions. If you require your television to be wall mounted, do email/call us and we would gladly arrange for a specialised person to visit you. Do note that charges may apply.
Q. My delivery was scheduled for today and it is passed the time and they are not here yet. What do I do?
A. In some unforeseen circumstances, there may be delays to the logistics team while they’re on the move. While every effort is taken to inform you on any delays, sometimes the customer is kept waiting. If this occurs, do not hesitate to call us on 6471 2329 where we will be able to trace your delivery. If you need to leave your home by then, we will be happy to reschedule your delivery at no extra charge, provided it’s a delay from our side.
Q. My delivery is scheduled for a particular day and time and I can’t make it. Who do I call?
A. Please call 6471 2329 for any queries related to online orders.

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