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Cornell  CJK-S105TVL Travel Kettle
  Cornell  CJK-S105TVL Travel Kettle 120V / 220-240V~, 50/60Hz, 550-650W / ..
SGD 49.90 SGD 49.00
Cornell  CJK-S10L Jug Kettle
  Cornell  CJK-S10L  Jug Kettle   Capacity 1.0L Convenien..
SGD 29.90
Cornell  CRC-CS106GY Rice Cooker
  Cornell CRC-CS106GY Rice Cooker    Capacity 0.6L (1-2 persons) ..
SGD 46.90
Cornell  CTP-E35P Thermo Pot
  Cornell  CTP-E35P Thermo Pot 220-240V / 50-60Hz / 700-800W Capacity &..
SGD 89.90
Cornell  CTP-E40P Thermo Pot
  Cornell  CTP-E40P Thermo Pot Capacity 4.0L 304 stainless steel inner..
SGD 99.90
Cornell CCM-125TVL Coffee Maker
Cornell CCM-125TVL Coffee Maker 220-240V / 50-60Hz / 270-330W 125ml Simple one-to..
SGD 39.90
Cornell CHD-E1201TVL  Travel Hair Dryer
Cornell CHD-E1201TVL Travel Hair Dryer   110-120V / 220-240V / 50/60Hz / 1200w&..
SGD 39.90
Cornell CHD-E2001W Hair dryer
  Cornell CHD-E2001W Hair dryer  220-240V / 50/60Hz / 1800-2000w  ..
SGD 49.90
Cornell CHD-HK1600 Hair dryer
  Cornell CHD-HK1600 Hair dryer  220-240V / 50/60Hz / 1600W-2000W High/..
SGD 49.90
Cornell CI-S18 Iron
  Cornell CI-S18 Iron   1000W~1400W  Non-stick s..
SGD 39.90
Cornell CIS-D26BE Dry Iron
    Cornell CIS-D26BE  Dry Iron   1100W  Adjusta..
SGD 29.90
Cornell CMCS1600A Multi-Cooker
    Cornell CMCS1600A Multi-Cooker 3.8L / 1780W / 220-240V / 50Hz ..
SGD 79.90
Cornell CMO-P23 Microwave Oven (23L)
  Cornell CMO-P23 Microwave Oven (23L) Capacity: 23L / 1250W 35 min Manual ..
SGD 168.00
  Cornell CMO-P26 Microwave Oven (23L)  Capacity: 23L / 1250W  35 ..
SGD 198.00
Cornell Coffee Maker CCM-21
Features 1.25 Litres (10-12 cups) / 735 -860 w Anti-drip feature Removable fi..
SGD 39.90
Cornell CRC-CS128GY Rice Cooker
    Cornell CRC-CS128GY Rice Cooker    Capacity 2.8L (8-..
SGD 79.90
Cornell CSH-E15LV Storage Heater
    Cornell CSH-E15LV  Storage Heater   Power: 2000W/ 220..
SGD 259.00
Cornell CSH-E25LV Storage Heater
    Cornell CSH-E25LV Storage Heater   Power: 2000W/ 220-..
SGD 289.00
Cornell CSM-8007HP  Stand Mixer
    Cornell CSM-8007HP  Stand Mixer Power : 250W Capacity 2.5L..
SGD 62.90
Cornell Induction Cooker CIC-SP583G
Features Micro-computer control With crystallite glass cooking top 4 function..
SGD 89.90
Cornell Instant Water Heater EC2010
Features Slim model Auto flow switch prevents overheating Anti-scalding ..
SGD 138.00
Cornell Instant Water Heater EC8230
Features Electronic Variable Power Temperature Control Suitable for high and low wa..
SGD 128.00
Cornell Instant Water Heater EC9230
Features Electronic Variable Power Temperature Control Suitable for high and low wa..
SGD 138.00
Cornell Microwave Oven DMO-68
Features Capacity: 20 L / 800W 30 min manual timer Defrost setting Cook..
SGD 108.00
Cornell Slow Cooker CSC150
Features Capacity: 1.5L 120W Suitable for slow cooking, soup, porridge, desse..
SGD 36.90
Cornell Slow Cooker CSC350
Features Capacity: 3L 200W Suitable for slow cooking, soup, porridge, dessert..
SGD 39.90
Cornell Thermo Pot CAP48
Features 3.6L / 4.8L 3-way dispenser Auto-reboil Keep warm function ..
SGD 89.90

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