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Tefal Actifry Express Snacking FZ7510
Enjoy fast and delicious results with Actifry Express   HEALTHY Enjoy the authentic ..
SGD 399.00
Tefal Air Force 360 Vacuum Cleaner TY9051
PERFORMANCE, VERSATILITY & CONVENIENCE ALL-IN-1   Welcome to handstick generatio..
SGD 599.00
Tefal Air Force Extreme Vacuum Cleaner TY8865
SGD 399.00
Tefal BL1685 Minimix Glass Personal Blender with Chopper & Grinder
Powerful blending in a compact design   A healthy routine starts in the kitchen! Min..
SGD 129.00
Tefal BL4255 Blendforce 2 Blender (Red)
TEFAL BL4255 Blendforce 2 Blender (Red) Enjoy your daily preparations Blendforce delivers..
SGD 69.90
Tefal BL4271 Blendforce 2 Blender + Grinder (2L)
BLENDFORCE BLENDER MIXER: EASY BLENDING EVERY DAY   Blendforce produces blending res..
SGD 79.90
Tefal BL4361 Glass Blender with Chopper (1.75L)
SGD 89.00
Tefal BL83SD High Speed Blender (2.0L)
More than a blender From ice-cold, fresh-fruit smoothies to hot, hearty soups and chunky stew..
SGD 349.00
Tefal BL871D High Speed Blender
The powerful blender for perfect results and endless inspiration made easy   Fast bl..
SGD 159.00
Tefal BL967 High Speed Blender (2.0L)
SGD 269.00
Tefal Blendforce Plast BL3091 (550W)
Blendforce Tripl'Ax blender: The ultimate in strength   With Blendforce, enjoy t..
SGD 79.90
Tefal City Space Vacuum Cleaner
ULTRA COMPACT AND HIGH-PERFORMANCE CLEANING   With an ultra-compact design for easy ..
SGD 159.00
Tefal Clean and Steam Vacuum Cleaner
PERFECTLY CLEAN FLOORS ALL IN ONE GO!   For spotless floors and massive time-saving ..
SGD 459.00
Tefal Click & Taste Mini Blender BL142A
Total ease with Click and Taste mini blender!   With Click and Taste mini glass blen..
SGD 119.00
Tefal Compact Kettle KI431D (1.2L)
Lovely 1.2 L stainless steel compact kettle: Boil only the cup you need for your daily tea moment..
SGD 49.90
Tefal Compact Pro IH Spherical Pot Rice Cooker RK803 (1L)
Tasty, Compact and Versatile   Compact pro fuzzy spherical pot rice cooker brings ta..
SGD 399.00
Tefal Curler Timer HX3410
OUTSTANDING CURLS WITH ULTIMATE PROTECTION   Respectissim Precious Curls is an innov..
SGD 79.90
Tefal CY601 Smart Multicooker (6L)
Home Chef Smart Multicooker: Perfectly cooked recipes, in no time!   Spend less time..
SGD 169.00
Tefal CY625 Smart Pro Multicooker (5L)
Home Chef Smart Pro Multicooker: Perfect meals, perfect taste!   Spend less time in ..
SGD 299.00
Tefal CY638 Smart Pro Induction Multicooker (5L)
Home Chef Smart Pro IH Multicooker: Perfect meals, perfect taste!   Spend less time ..
SGD 299.00
Tefal DO2461 Multifunction Food Processor
Tefal Easy Force Food Processor   With special features designed for beginners, the ..
SGD 119.00
Tefal DPA171 La Moulinette Chopper
Essentials   Exclusive Powelix blades technology With Powelix Blades T..
SGD 89.90
Tefal DT2022 Handheld Steamer (Red)
- Pure POP handheld Garment Steamer - Lightweight - Powerful 1300W - 20g/min steam ou..
SGD 79.00
Tefal DT2024 Handheld Steamer (Green)
- Pure POP handheld Garment Steamer - Lightweight - Powerful 1300W - 20g/min steam ou..
SGD 79.00
Tefal DT2026 Handheld Steamer (Yellow)
- Pure POP handheld Garment Steamer - Lightweight - Powerful 1300W - 20g/min steam ou..
SGD 79.00
Tefal DT3030 AccessSteam Pocket Handheld Steamer
SGD 79.00
Tefal Effectis Easy Control GV6770
Powerful steam in an intuitive and compact design   The Tefal Effectis high-pressure..
SGD 299.00
Tefal Elite Handy Dry Hair Dryer HV1342
EFFICIENT DRYING WITH PURE SIMPLICITY AND EASE   With easy-to-use functions and stro..
SGD 19.90
Tefal Elite Nomad 2 Hair Dryer HV3312
COMPACT AND CONVENIENT   With the Nomad hair dryer, fast, efficient drying knows no ..
SGD 34.90
Tefal Elite Studio Hair Dryer HV4412
FOLDABLE & ULTRA-FAST DRYING   Foldable, compact and efficient, Hair Studio comb..
SGD 49.90
Tefal Express Easy Plus Steam Station GV7556
Durable and convenient for easy ironing   The Express Easy high-pressure steam gener..
SGD 459.00
Tefal Express Toaster TT3561
Design & compact!   With Express, discover a convenient toaster that provides gr..
SGD 52.90
Tefal EY5018 2-in-1 Classic Air Fryer and Grill
The versatile 2-in-1 solution Discover a 2-in1 solution, for a healthy air fryer and grill al..
SGD 99.00
Tefal FF2200 Mini Fryer
Minifryer: a small deep fryer... that has it all! With Minifryer, the small-size deep-fryer, ..
SGD 129.00
Tefal FR4950 Versalio Deluxe 9 in 1 Deep Fryer (2L)
Versalio Deluxe, splendid cooking! Meet Versalio Deluxe, a smart multi cooker that features 9..
SGD 149.00
Tefal FS4030 Dry Iron
Easygliss, an outstanding dry iron for perfect results. Easygliss provides you a convenient i..
SGD 35.00
Tefal Fuzzy Spherical Pot RK8115
Optimal heat circulation : Spherical bowl series for perfect homogeneous cooking for delicious re..
SGD 189.00
Tefal FV1721 Eco Master Steam Iron
The Perfect Mix of Energy Efficiency and Performance   The EcoMaster steam iron cuts..
SGD 35.00
Tefal FV2831 Steam Iron
Faster and more durable glide Design to deliver quick and long lasting performance, Powerglis..
SGD 49.90
Tefal FV2869 Express Steam Iron
Powerful steam iron for faster and easier ironing - Efficient: Iron faster and more easily us..
SGD 58.00
Tefal FV5715 Easy Gliss Steam Iron
The EASYGLISS PLUS Iron: glide and efficiency   Bringing together outstanding glide ..
SGD 79.00
Tefal FV5718 Steam Iron
TEFAL FV5718 EASYGLISS 2500W The fastest glide (1). Higher steam performance (2). Easygli..
SGD 95.00
Tefal FV6551 Cordless Steam Iron
The lightest cordless iron by Tefal The lightweight and agile Freemove Air ensures complete f..
SGD 89.00
Tefal FV6832 UltraGliss Plus Steam Iron
Perfect results, long-lasting steam performance Delivering performance that's built to la..
SGD 99.00
Tefal FV6840 UltraGliss Plus Steam Iron
Perfect results, long-lasting steam performance Delivering performance that's built to la..
SGD 139.00
Tefal FV6872 Steam Iron
100% safe for all fabrics, no risk of burning* A perfect combination of performance and safet..
SGD 129.00
Tefal FV9845 Ultimate Pure Steam Iron
THE MOST POWERFUL IRON by Tefal STOP CALC STAINS* The Ultimate Pure Steam Iron by Tefal bring..
SGD 199.00
Tefal FW5018 9-in-1 Easy Fry Oven and Grill (11L)
Features:- • Power : 2000W; Capacity : 11L • Dimension (cm) : 32 x 31x 37 (h) ..
SGD 259.00
Tefal GF3039 2 in 1 Handstick Vacuum with Spin Mop
The Tefal X-Combo Vacuum Mop offers 2-in-1 powerful vacuuming and active mopping that cuts your c..
SGD 329.00
Tefal GV9820 Express Vision Steam Generator Iron
Light your way to perfect resultsThe Tefal Pro Express Vision Steam Generator Iron delivers the u..
SGD 769.00

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