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17B Lorong Liput,
#01-01, Parisilk Building,
(Holland Village)
Singapore 277747
Tel: +65 6466 6002
Fax: +65 6468 2357

Opening Hours:
Mondays to Saturdays
10:30am to 8:30pm
Sundays and Public Holidays
11:00am to 6:00pm

East Outlet 1

Blk 208 #01-679,
New Upper Changi Road,
(Bedok Central)
Singapore 460208
Tel: +65 6441 6066
Fax: +65 6441 8948

Opening Hours:
Mondays to Saturdays
10:30am to 8:30pm
Selected Public Holidays
11:00am to 6:00pm
Closed on Sundays

East Outlet 2

46 East Coast Road
#01-01, Eastgate,
Singapore 428766
Tel: +65 6344 9937
Fax: +65 6345 9910

Opening Hours:
Mondays to Saturdays
10:30am to 8:30pm
Sundays and Public Holidays
11:00am to 6:30pm

North Outlet

58 Sembawang Road,
#01-02/03 Hong Heng Mansion,
Singapore 779087
Tel: +65 6452-1593
Fax: +65 6457 9469

Opening Hours:
Mondays to Saturdays
10.30am to 8.30pm
Selected Public Holidays
11:00am to 6:00pm
Closed on Sundays

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Small Household Appliances

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Tefal Steambrush Access Steam DR8085
A NEW WAY OF STEAMING IN THE PALM OF YOUR HAND   For everyday garment steaming solutions, look no further than the palm of your hand.   Tefal's Handheld Steamer puts convenience and fast results at your fingertips, delivering wrinkle and crease removal for a wide..
Tefal Steamlight Steamer VC3008
With Steam n' Light, try and taste a variety of new healthy meals and enjoy a balanced living!   Enjoy the 10L capacity and the 3 bowls to steam cook for the whole family with Steam n' Light !   Steaming has never been so easy thanks to the 6 preset programs,..
Tefal Toast N' Egg Toaster TT5500 (Black)
Toast n' egg: the perfect solution for a complete breakfast TOAST N EGG - A toaster and egg cooker    Have a complete breakfast thanks to this combination of a wide-slot toast, egg cooker and meat warmer! ..
Tefal Ultracompact Sandwhich Maker SM1551
Compact and easy to use   Discover the simplicity of making delicious and various sandwiches with this sandwich maker. Thanks to its non-stick coating plates, the cleaning is now much more simple for you. Its vertical and cord storage also make it the perfect product: small and conve..
Tefal Ultrasteam Steambrush DR5060
Perfect for touch ups or ideal when travelling   Ideal when travelling and efficient for touch ups   This handheld steamer will be the ideal tool when you are travelling or when you need to do few touch ups on your daily outfit. Thanks to its continuous and adjustable st..
Tefal Uttracompact Steamer VC1006
The perfect steamer for the whole family   Delivering delicious meals with its 3 bowls, Tefal UltraCompact is the ideal steamer for the entire family.   Enhanced with easy-to-use features, this compact steamer includes a timer with automatic shut off. Tefal UltraComp..
Tefal VC1511 Food Steamer
Easy to use, easy to store family steamer Features:- • Power : 900W; Capacity : 9L • 3 BPA free bowls and removable grids • Removable grids for larger capacity and for cooking big-size ingredient • Patented Ultracompact storage system • Continuou..
Tefal Versalio Deluxe 9-in1 Fryer
Versalio Deluxe 9-in-1, a multicooker with 9 modes: deep fry, fry, simmer, braise, sauté, rice/risotto, boil/pasta, keep warm and defrost.   With 9 cooking modes for all-round cooking, Versalio Deluxe multicooker does it all and does it well: deep fry, fry, simmer, braise, sau..
Tefal Vitesse 3 Kettle KI511D (1.7L)
Enjoy all your hot beverage times thanks to a well-finished stainless steel kettle!   Handy and convenient :   1.7 L of water : with such capacity, there will be enough for all the family, Kettle with a stainless steel body, Concealed heating element to have no direc..
Tefal Vitesse Diamond Kettle BF2731 (1.7L) (White)
This stylish white kettle has a rapid boil, hi-speed element so you no longer have to wait impatiently for your morning cup of tea.   The concealed stainless steel element extends the life and efficiency of your kettle and the large extra fine mesh, removable filter prevents lime..
Light Sensor Technology A unique and intelligent Light Sensor (PLK-45 SEIM) automatically senses the lighting condition around it and adjusts its temperature according after the time has been pre-set - saving you energy. No Scalding A smart triple safety de..
Zoku Character Kit
Give your pops some personality with the Zoku Character Kit. Create animals, faces, and your own designs or follow the included instructions to bring your pops to life. Go ahead, play with your food! ..
Zoku Character Pop Mold
  Meet Prince the Frog, the sweetest guest at your table. This easy-to-remove individual pop comes with a stick with a built-in drip guard and little heart waiting to be discovered in the center of your pop. With eight collectible creatures in the Character Pop family, there’s..
Zoku Chocolate Station
  Dip, drop, drip and drizzle your way to enjoying your Quick Pops like never before. The Zoku Chocolate Station adds chocolate shells, sprinkles, and toppings to your favorite Zoku Quick Pops! Pick one up and enjoy gourmet pops at your chocolate-covered fingertips. ..
Zoku Classic Pop Molds
    Reinvent the classics six pops at a time with Zoku Classic Pop Molds. These easy-to-use and even easier-to-clean removable molds make creating and cleaning up a snap. Invite them to your next family dinner, party, or to join the rest of your Zoku Slow-Pop™ collect..
Zoku Duo Quick Pop Maker
  It takes two to Zoku with the Zoku Duo Quick Pop Maker. Enjoy the same size pops as the original Quick Pop Maker and freeze them just as fast—making up to six pops before refreezing the unit. This size is perfect for couples, students, smaller families or as an addition to t..
Zoku Fish Pop Molds
  Dive into the world of Zoku Fish Pop Molds with your favorite under-the-sea creatures including a Shark, Clownfish, Octopus, Whale, Puffer Fish and even a Zoku Scuba Diver. Mix and match the tails for fun and surprising results. The sticks contain drip guards and have amusing &quo..
Zoku Ice Ball Mold
The Zoku Ice Ball lets you enjoy your favorite drink without diluting the flavor! Simply fill the mold, let it freeze, then easily open it to remove the ice sphere—no rinsing required. It’s simple to remove and melts at a slow, even rate in your glass. Enjoy it in any drink, at a..
Zoku Ice Cream Maker
  Make individual portions of ice cream, custard, frozen yogurt, gelato, sorbet, or sherbet in as little as 10 minutes with the Zoku Ice Cream Maker! Whether you prefer classic flavors like vanilla bean, mint chocolate chip, fresh strawberry, or dark fudge, or you like to creat..
Zoku Iced Coffee Maker
Turn piping hot coffee or tea into a delicious chilled beverage in as little as five minutes. Don’t let ice dilute your favorite flavor, just store your stainless steel mug in your freezer, add it to the insulating sleeve, pour your beverage and snap the lid on tight. This travel mug i..
Zoku Mini Pop Molds
  Create up to nine different mini pops at a time with the Zoku Mini Pop Molds. Forget fighting with the tray to get your pop, when your pops are frozen, simply pull out your mini pop and enjoy! These pops are the perfect size for children, which makes them an excellent additio..
Zoku Round Pop Molds
Treat your friends, family, and guests to a round of homemade pops with the Zoku Round Pop Mold. Creating up to four different pops at a time is easy, and so is peeling away your frozen pop from the mold. Add them to your Zoku Slow-Pop™ collection today.   ..
Zoku Single Quick Pop Maker
  No sharing required! The Zoku Single makes the same delicious pops you’ve come to expect from your Quick Pop Maker, and in as little as seven minutes! Each maker can freeze up to three pops before returning it to your freezer. Pick your favorite color and your favorite recip..
Zoku Slush and Shake Maker
    Make healthy slushies, milkshakes, frozen alcoholic drinks (yes!), and fruit smoothies in as little as 7 minutes with this high-performance, design-driven slushy maker. Try ingredients like blended fruit, homemade juices, malted milk, chocolate milk, sweetened coff..
Zoku Social Media Kit
Now your pops can be just as social as you are. Use Zoku’s letters, numbers and symbols to create fun text messages, emoticons, abbreviations, “likes”, names and more! Use with any size Zoku Quick Pop Maker, share with your BFFs and watch your pops go viral.   ..
Zoku Space Pop Mold
It’s time to blast off with the Space Pops. To make the best pops in the galaxy, just use your favorite combination of fruit juice, yogurt, and add-ins. Transform your kitchen into mission control by simply pouring your ingredients into the detailed molds, inserting the reusable sticks..
Zoku Storage Case
Store and display your Quick Pops creations in our convenient case. This airtight container preserves the freshness of up to six pops. When it’s time to share, just remove the cover and you’ve got a fun display that’s ready for any table.   ..
Zoku Triple Quick Pop Maker
Freeze ice pops in as little as seven minutes with the patented Zoku Quick Pop® Maker! Make striped pops, yogurt pops, or even flavored core pops right on your countertop without electricity. To enjoy Quick Pops at a moment’s notice, simply store the compact base in your freezer. ..

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