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BOOST Wireless Extender for Sonos
No skips, delays or drops – even in homes with wireless problems Comparable broad..
SGD 199.00
Sonos CONNECT Streaming System
Brings music streaming to the audio equipment you already own. Flexible. Features analo..
SGD 549.00
Sonos Connect: Amp Music Streaming
Brings music streaming to your favourite indoor or outdoor speakers. More sonic punch. ..
SGD 799.00
Sonos One Smart Speaker
Enjoy surprisingly rich, room-filling sound from a smart speaker with future-ready voice cont..
SGD 329.00
Sonos Play: 1 Mini Home Speaker (Black/ White)
Mini. Fits in any space, fills any room. Mighty. Surprisingly rich sound despite its si..
SGD 269.00
Sonos Play: 3 Mid- Size Home Speaker with Stereo Sound
Versatile. Fits perfectly in tall and narrow or short and wide spaces. Stereo sound. In..
SGD 449.00
Sonos Play:5 Home Speaker
Fills a large room with pure, brilliant sound. Bold. Pure. Dynamic. Intense. With deep ..
SGD 799.00
Sonos Playbar Home Theatre Soundbar
Two-in-one. Adds full-theatre sound for your TV. Streams music, too. Simple two-cord se..
SGD 1,149.00
Sonos Playbar Wall Mount Kit
Makes PLAYBAR easy to install to any wall with pegs in precisely the right place Ensure..
SGD 79.00
Sonos Playbase Widescreen Sound & Music Streaming
Two-in-one. Full-theatre sound for your TV. Streams music, too. Low profile design that..
SGD 1,149.00
Sonos Sanus Pair Speaker Stands
Designed to work with both Sonos One, PLAY:1 and PLAY:3 speakers in any orientation Eas..
SGD 159.00
Sonos SUB Deep Impact Bass Speaker
Adds dramatically deeper bass to any Sonos speaker (or amplified component). Zero cabin..
SGD 1,149.00

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