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Bosch BBHL21841 Handheld Vacuum Cleaner
2 in 1 Handheld & Handstick- Mineral Silver 18v Li- ion battery Up to 40 min run ti..
SGD 249.00
Bosch BBHL22140 Cordless Handstick Vacuum Cleaner
Convenient 2in1 functionality: Handheld and handstick vacuum cleaner in one appliance for mor..
SGD 449.00
Bosch BCH65RT25K Cordless Vacuum Cleaner
  Bosch BCH65RT25K   Cordless Vacuum Cleaner No cable. No compromise o..
SGD 699.00
Bosch BCH6ZOOO Cordless Handstick Vacuum Cleaner (Tornado Red)
SensorBagless Technology. Incredibly powerful, unbelievably quiet. Bagless A sensor continuou..
SGD 699.00
Bosch BCH7ATH32K Cordless Handstick Vacuum Cleaner
Cleans as powerful as a conventional vacuum cleaner due to enhanced motor power and improved ..
SGD 899.00
Bosch BEL554MS0K Built- in Microwave
Microwave function: time saving preparation, defrosting and re- heating of dishes. Auto..
SGD 788.00 SGD 649.00
Bosch BGL3A330GB Bagged Vacuum Cleaner
  Bosch BGL3A330GB Bagged Vacuum Cleaner   FEATURES: QuattroPo..
SGD 309.00
Bosch BGL4S69AGB Bagged Vacuum Cleaner
  Bosch BGL4S69AGB Bagged Vacuum Cleaner  FEATURES:  QuattroP..
SGD 599.00 SGD 539.00
Bosch BGL8SI59GB Bagged Vacuum Cleaner
  Bosch BGL8SI59GB Bagged Vacuum Cleaner    FEATURES: Qua..
SGD 699.00 SGD 619.00
Bosch BGN2A112GB Bagged Vacuum Cleaner
The super compact and light performer. Thorough cleaning results - comparable to a 2200 W vac..
SGD 199.00
Bosch BGS2UCO1GB Bagless Vacuum Cleaner
  Bosch BGS2UCO1GB Bagless Vacuum Cleaner  A heavyweight only when it come..
SGD 399.00
Bosch BGS4UGOGB Bagless Vacuum Cleaner
Compact but robust. At your fingertips when you need it. Unique SensorBagless Technology:..
SGD 499.00
Bosch BIC630NS1B Warming drawer
  Bosch BIC630NS1B Warming Drawer The multifunctional 14cm warming drawer pre-h..
SGD 1,799.00
Bosch CDG634BS1 Built-in Steamer
  Bosch Built-in Steamer CDG634BS1   The steamer: prepare foods esp..
SGD 3,399.00 SGD 2,549.00
Bosch DEE928BSG Built-in Chimney Hood
The wall-mounted chimney hood: mount it on the wall, giving you complete freedom in your kitchen ..
SGD 1,129.00
Bosch DFS097A50B Telescopic Hood (90cm)
The telescopic cooker hood that disappears into your upper cabinet, giving you a sleek kitchen fr..
SGD 1,129.00
Bosch DWB97CM50B Wall-Mounted Cooker Hood (90cm)
The wall-mounted chimney hood: Mount it on the wall for complete freedom in your kitchen planning..
SGD 1,350.00
Bosch DWB98JQ50B Stainless Steel Hood
The wall-mounted chimney hood: Mount it on the wall for complete freedom in your kitchen planning..
SGD 1,699.00
Bosch HBA5780S0B Built- in Oven
The built-in oven with AutoPilot: automatically prepares perfect dishes. 1) 3D..
SGD 1,579.00
Bosch HBF114BR0K Stainless Steel Built-in Oven (66L)
The built-in oven with 3D hot air: achieve perfect baking and roasting results on up to three lev..
SGD 788.00
Bosch HBF134BS0K Built- in Stainless Steel Oven
SGD 899.00
Bosch HMG656RS1 Built-in Electric Oven + Microwave
Bosch Built-in Electric Oven + Microwave HMG656RS1  The built-in oven with PerfectBa..
SGD 4,599.00 SGD 3,659.00
Bosch HNG6764S1A Built-in Eelctric Oven
  Bosch Built-in Eelctric Oven HNG6764S1A   The built-in oven with ..
SGD 4,019.00
Bosch HSG636ES1 Built-in Combi-steam Oven
  Bosch Built-in Combi-steam Oven HSG636ES1   The steam oven with Perfe..
SGD 3,679.00
Bosch Island Hood DIB121U50
  Bosch DIB121U50 Island Hood  The island chimney hood: Flexible ceiling mo..
SGD 3,499.00 SGD 2,799.00
Bosch KAN92V1350 Side by Side Refrigerator
SGD 1,599.00
Bosch KGN33NL30 Bottom Freezer Refrigerator
A Stainless Steel Bottom Freezer with the convenience of E..
SGD 699.00
Bosch KGN56XI40 Bottom Freezer Refrigerator
VarioInverter: Cools efficiently with lower energy consumption of 3 Ticks VitaFresh: Ke..
SGD 1,149.00
Bosch KIS87AF30 Built-in Bottom Freezer Refrigerator
The bottomfreezer with HydroFresh Box: keeps your fruits and vegetables fresh for up to twice as ..
SGD 3,899.00 SGD 3,199.00
Bosch KSW38940 Wine Cabinet
Bosch Wine Cabinet KSW38940 The XXL wine storage cabinet with 2 controllable tempera..
SGD 3,999.00 SGD 3,329.00
Bosch MC812M853G Kitchen Machine
Intuitive Smart Tool Detection makes this food processor incredibly easy to use ⬞ Smart tool..
SGD 469.00
Bosch MCM3200WGB Food Processor (800W)
  Bosch MCM3200WGB Food Processor (800W) MultiTalent 3 - the compact and versat..
SGD 229.00 SGD 199.00
Bosch MCM3501MGB Food Processors
  Bosch MCM3501MGB Food Processors MultiTalent 3 - the compact and versatile ki..
SGD 299.00
Bosch MCM68861 Food Processor
  Bosch MCM68861 Food Processor    FEATURES: For multifun..
SGD 499.00 SGD 369.00
Bosch MES25A0 Juicer
  Bosch MES25A0  Juicer  Powerful juice extractor works on whole fruit..
SGD 239.00 SGD 169.00
Bosch MES25CO Juicer
  Bosch MES25C0 Juicer  Powerful juice extractor works on whole fruits wit..
SGD 239.00 SGD 169.00
Bosch MES3500 Juicer
Extra- large filling tube for fruit (whole apples) and vegetables- no pre- cutting necessary ..
SGD 269.00
Bosch MESM731M Slow Juicer
The VitaExtract slow juicer with MixControl to adjust thickness of your healthy juice at your tas..
SGD 599.00
Bosch MFQ36400 Hand Mixer
  Bosch MFQ36400 Hand Mixer FEATURES:  Ergonomic design with non-s..
SGD 79.00 SGD 72.00
Bosch MMB21P0R Stirring Machine
500 watts- optimal power, optimal results. The 500- watt motor provides enough power to meet ..
SGD 129.00
Bosch MMB43G2B SilentMixx Blender
The Bosch SilentMixx mixes, chops and purees especially powerfully and quickly, and in particular..
SGD 219.00
Bosch MMB43G2B Stirring Machine
The Bosch SilentMixx mixes, chops and purees especially powerfully and quickly, and in particular..
SGD 229.00
Bosch MMBM7G3M Stirring Machine
An eye- catcher in any kitchen: exclusive design and premium materials. ..
SGD 159.00
Bosch MMR08A1 Chopper
  Bosch MMR08A1 Chopper Easy to clean thanks to dishwasher-proof accessorie..
SGD 69.00
Bosch MSM24100 Hand Blender
With its ergonomic handle, the CleverMixx fits perfectly in your hand, and its low weight als..
SGD 69.00
Bosch MSM26130 Hand Blender
Powerful with low noise and low vibrations. The 600- watt motor makes short work of anything ..
SGD 89.00
Bosch MSM66150 Hand Blender
  Bosch MSM66150 Hand Blender  FEATURES:  Extra-lightweight w..
SGD 109.00 SGD 89.00
Bosch MSM67190GB Hand Blender Set
  Bosch MSM67190GB Hand Blender Set The ultra-powerful hand blender for heavy-d..
SGD 199.00
Bosch MSM88160GB Hand Blender Set
  Bosch MSM88160GB Hand Blender Set Full power for kitchen professionals. Power..
SGD 219.00
Bosch MUM46A1GB Kitchen Machine
  Bosch MUM46A1GB Kitchen Machine MUM4 — the tried-and-tested classic amo..
SGD 399.00

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